4 Patisseries You Must Visit in Ankara


Winter is rolling in, midterms are ongoing, and the stress is piling up. One way I uplift my mood and forget about my student problems is indulging in scrumptious dessert, the kind that leaves you wanting another bite. This is why I decided to roam around Ankara, hopping from patisserie to patisserie, looking for the best ones that I can now share with you!

When choosing these pastry shops, I considered online ratings, places I have visited before, and recommendations from other people. The most determinant factors were the quality of the desserts, the ambiance, and the prices. I will also present a must-try dessert from each spot. Let’s get started!

My choices:

1. Elizinn
2. Bilge Şahin Pasta Dükkanı (translated as Bilge Şahin’s Cake Shop)
3. Bonapple
4. Bonelli

Tunali Hilmi street, 81A // Alacaatli street, D block, 1-2

This restaurant/patisserie will leave your mouth watering the second you enter, as you will be stunned by the large variety of sweets to choose from. Cookies, cakes, Turkish desserts, chocolates, everything you could imagine (in fact, the header image of this post is in Elizinn). It is also an evidently popular spot, as it is always full of customers. Among their large choice of desserts, their bestseller is a lovely puff pastry cake with strawberries (çilekli milföy pasta). I love the contrast between the crunchiness of the pastry sheets, the sweetness of the cream, and the freshness of the strawberries. In total, it is 19.50 TRY  for the cake and a cup of tea.

Puff pastry cake with strawberries – 14.50 TRY

Pasta Dükkanı
Tunus street, 61/A

Although it is an order-based patisserie, the actual store is decorated like a home, with framed quotes on the wall and cute figurines on the tables. It even has a small garden, where the owner, Bilge Şahin, has a doghouse for her dog! In other words, it has a very welcoming and cozy environment. While you might not see many options on display, if you check the Facebook page, you will see all of their incredible creations. When there, you will notice the kitchen, where all of the magic happens. Otherwise, I definitely recommend trying the milk chocolate truffles. One truffle costs only 3.5 TRY! I must also add that it was selected as the best cake shop in 2015.

Milk chocolate truffle – 3.5 TRY

Bestekar street, 39/A

This small patisserie also has a very cozy home environment, similarly decorated in framed quotes and figurines. All of the desserts are labeled with handmade tags and sometimes you can even watch them bake, as the stove is next to the display. They offer desserts like cinnamon cookies, cheesecakes, and cakes like Boston cream pie. One of my favorites is the apple strudel, which is served with a delicious cream on the side. The apples melt in your mouth! The total cost for a slice of apple strudel and a cup of tea is 19 TRY.

Apple strudel – 16 TRY

(Check their website for a full list of over 50 addresses!)

Bonelli is one of those on-the-go pastry shops that you might not immediately notice when passing by. In fact, it is Çağdaş supermarket’s affiliation. However, it is definitely worth buying from there, as there are many freshly baked goods to choose from, including bread. You might not be able to sit and enjoy your selected dessert like in a cafe, but the taste and quality is definitely worth the wait until you reach your house and can finally eat it. I’ve personally been here multiple times and each time I’ve tasted something different, but one of my recommendations is the layered chocolate cake with cream for 12.50 TRY. Soft and sweet!

Chocolate cake – 12.50 TRY

This brings my post to an end. I hope you enjoyed my modest list! Feel free to tweet me @acupofteawithzi if you go to any of these patisseries or try any of these desserts.

– Zi


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