Making Truffles & Interview with Berk Büyükbaş

Hi everyone!

On Sunday, I attended a very sweet (pun intended!) truffle making activity called “The Art of Chocolate” at Next Level (a shopping mall in Ankara). This activity was arranged by the Bilkent Bakery Club (Bilkent Pastacılık Kulübü in Turkish) in cooperation with Cupcake’s. It was an hour long activity, but the event itself was held over the course of two days and over three sessions on both days. Although this club has been active for a few years, this was my first time attending one of their events, and I really enjoyed it! I tagged along with two of my friends, who also assisted me in taking the photos and videos (thank you!)


We did not actually prepare the truffles, but we were each given chunks of the mixture, which we had to roll into small balls, cover in melted chocolate, and decorate with melted white chocolate. We also made heart-shaped chocolates out of chocolate batter that was also prepared in advance for us. Overall,  it was very tasty and a really cute way to spend my Sunday afternoon.


Today I’ll be sharing a personal interview I had with Berk Büyükbaş, the president of this club, who kindly agreed to provide some information about their club, among other things. You will also see some footage from the event, so I hope you enjoy! (By the way, the noise in the background is a fountain, just so you know :D) (Also, shout out to my friend who let me borrow his camera!)

If you would like, you can follow Bilkent Bakery Club on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Until next time,

– Zi


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