It’s a wrap…

Don’t worry, I didn’t mean that my blog is coming to an end 😀 Rather, the fall semester is over, which means it is time to say good bye to my COMD elective course.

While taking this course and sustaining this blog as a part of it, I completed some of these blog posts under the criteria of several assignments. In essence, I had to select a topic for my blog and then post various content while learning how to combine multimedia elements with journalism. Thanks to this course and the teacher’s feedback, I have been able to consistently improve my content (or so I hope!).

Even though I am finished with my course, I will still be regularly posting on my blog and hope to continue applying everything I learned. Baking is my genuine passion, so I aspire to become better and post even more interesting content this year. I will even be graduating this year, but I promise that you will not be saying good bye to my blog any time soon! 🙂

Feel free to leave any constructive criticism and/or feedback, tweet me if you find any recipes I should try out, or simply leave a comment if you like something 🙂

Until next time,

– Zi


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