Vanilla Cake with Cream and Strawberries

Good afternoon!

Have you ever baked something and only after it had come out of the oven realized that you had used an outdated ingredient? Well, that happened to me the other night when I was baking… 😦 I was so excited because I put the strawberries I had to use, but after I had already finished decorating the cake, I noticed an awful eggy smell once I cut the cake open.


I used this vanilla cake recipe from House & Gardens, but I had increased the proportions, as I wanted something bigger. Once I cut my cake open, I realized that it was full of holes (like a sponge) and was reeking of an old omelette. Until this point I still didn’t know what the problem was (I assumed the eggs might have gone bad), so I switched to the vanilla cake recipe I always use. Just as I finished making the batter, I realized my recently opened milk had gone sour. So that went into the garbage too… At this rate it was nearly midnight, but I didn’t give up and went straight back into baking for the third time!!

16651249_10155112238959575_615933834_o.jpgThe end result is a lovely light cake, covered in cream and strawberries. For the cream I bought a cream mix, so I simply had to add in some cold milk and mix. I stored the cake in the fridge, so when you take it out and eat it, it’s like a cold sweet cake. I believe once it gets warmer I will try it with ice cream on top.

Hope you don’t experience such baking fails like me, but if you do don’t give up! 🙂

Until next time,

– Zi



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