Welcome! My name is Lazifa, but I will refer to myself as Zi, as I know it can be a tricky name to remember or pronounce (no, it’s not Latifa or Nazife :D). I am a 21 year old from Azerbaijan who has an interest in blogging and a passion for baking (albeit with amateur skills). I’m currently studying International Relations at Bilkent University.

Although I am a person of many hobbies, such as traveling or taking care of Rodrigo, my 2 year-old guinea pig, baking is one that has been steadfastly growing over the years. Everyone who knows me on a personal level knows how big of a sweet tooth I am, so this hobby does not come out as a big surprise! Why buy desserts, when you can make your own, right? With this in mind, in my eyes, nothing goes better with dessert than a hot cup of black tea, which is why you can expect to see many tea references.

Hence, I welcome you to join me on this sweet journey!

– Zi

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